We are a group of recruiters and job search experts who specialize in helping people find and get hired for work from home customer service jobs.  Our staff has helped thousands of people accomplish their job search goals.

Why work from home?  Working from home enables you to take control of your life!  You can spend more time with your family, on interests outside of work and decrease your level of stress.  No more fighting with traffic, dealing with office politics or an overbearing boss or wasting money (gas, lunch, clothes etc.).  Studies show that people are more productive and happier employees when they work from the comfort of their own home.

Why customer service? Customer service jobs are usually autonomous in nature.  Customer service professionals are expected to help customers one on one and in most cases there is not a need to be onsite.  Customer service positions also offer flexible schedules enabling you to work at the best time for you.  For these reasons customer service jobs are uniquely suited to be great work from home jobs.

While we have helped professionals in many fields get job opportunities, we decided to focus on work from home customer service jobs because of the freedom they provide.

Why doesn’t everyone have a work from home customer service job? There are 2 primary reasons:

#2. Competition?  There are far more people who want to work from home than the   number of jobs available.

#1. The #1 reason why people do not get work from home customer service jobs is because the jobs are not posted on job boards.  Job seekers are unaware of where /when the jobs are available.

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