7 Habits for Work-from-Home Productivity

7 Habits for work from Home Productivity__As a company focused on providing access to work from home customer service jobs, we have a full staff of of work from home employees.  We thought we would share some of the habits we’ve found to be helpful for anyone who currently works from home or is considering it in the future.

1. Create a dedicated workspace

Whether it’s an office or a little desk stuck in the corner of your bedroom, it really does help to have a space that is dedicated for the sole purpose of getting work done. Transitioning from life to work can be a bit difficult when both are done under the same roof, so having some consistency in regards to where your work gets done can really help you get into the working mindset.

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2. Set boundaries

Set a precedent that your scheduled work time is only for working. Whether it’s letting your kids know that you are unavailable to play during that time or letting friends know that you aren’t free for impromptu chats, it will really help to set boundaries between your personal and work life. Otherwise you end up feeling frustrated by the lack of work you’re getting done and left with disappointed loved ones who aren’t sure when they can connect with you.

3. Drinks lots of water

I’m sure I don’t need to list all of the health benefits of drinking enough water. Buy a 1 gallon jug of water and keep it in your work area.  When you finish the jug you can refill it but having it with you will prevent you from refilling a cup of water multiple times a day or forgetting to drink water during the day.  Staying well-hydrated allows you to remain focused throughout the day.

4. Listen to music

Unless you are working on something that requires your utmost focus, having a bit of music in the background can be a good way to get you pumped up and keep you in an upbeat mood. Depending on what I’m working on, the right music can even help me work faster.

5. Have a healthy breakfast and lunch

Having a healthy breakfast and lunch really does make a difference in preventing you from having a sluggish day where you don’t feel like working.  Healthy food  will give you fuel to power through your day instead of being slumped over your keyboard barely keeping your eyes open.

6. Schedule breaks

Whether it’s time to read, get some exercise, play with your kids, or just sit and enjoy your lunch…you need it! Take a break away from your computer, your eyes will thank you. We suggest taking a 15 break in the morning, an hour break at lunch and a 15 break in the afternoon.   Try to get some exercise during at least one of those breaks.  It’s easy to gain weight when you’re sitting all day and don’t get the exercise of a commute to work.

7. Minimize potential distractions

  • Put your phone on silent and resist the urge to check texts or missed calls
  • Only check social media during your breaks
  • Close out your email window so new mail notifications don’t pull you away from the task at hand

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