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  • “Income Security” in 3 Simple Steps!

Whether we just landed a new job or have been with a company for 5 years, a move to another position is undoubtedly in our future. Companies are constantly looking for ways to increase profits by cutting cost, which is why layoffs have become the “new normal.” Traditional job security is a thing of the past in today’s business world.

We should strive for “income security” vs. job security. Income security means that in spite of what an employer does, we will have enough income to pay our bills and maintain our lifestyle. To achieve income security, we must do 3 things:

  1. Never get all of our income from one source: Most people are devastated when they are laid-off because they’ve lost their only source of income and cannot pay their bills. Don’t let this happen! We should always have at least 2 sources of income (i.e. 2 full-time jobs, full-time job and a part-time job, 2 part-time jobs etc.). If one source of income ends, we can survive with the other source.
  2. Work from home: It’s a lot easier to create income security through multiple sources of income if we work from home because we’re able to manage our own time, have more hours in the day to work and have privacy. It’s hard to take on additional responsibilities when we have to physically be at a place of business with a boss watching for 9 hours a day and commute for another 2 hours. Once we get home, eat dinner and spend time with the family, it’s bedtime. Working from home is a key factor in taking control of our income and our life.
  3. Continuously search for new job opportunities: Companies continuously look for new ways to increase profits and we should continuously look for ways to increase our income. None of us have time to search for jobs on a daily basis but we need to always be aware of job opportunities so we can upgrade to better jobs and add income sources. We created this weekly newsletter so you can have a consistent stream of the best work from home customer service job opportunities without spending time searching for jobs.




I've been trying for years to find a job where I can work from home that also provides benefits. I wish I had found this newsletter sooner. I've already got one full-time job with benefits from the newsletter and I'm currently applying to part-time work from home jobs to earn some extra cash.
Charlotte, NC
I was reluctant to sign up but I'm glad I did. It's no fun searching for jobs and I've had no luck finding work from home jobs before getting the newsletter.
Calgary, AB, Canada
I like how the newsletter provides actual company names so I know where I'm sending my resume. I hate sending my resume blindly to staffing firms not knowing what company is actually hiring for the job.
Atlanta, GA
For the past couple of months, I've been searching all over the internet for part time work from home jobs with very little success. The 1st week I received the newsletter I applied to 2 jobs and got an interview for one of them. I love the newsletter.
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